Charter (English)


This Charter is intended to define the mode of formation and minimal operation of each BUCEPHALOS association established in the world and being subject to legal particularities of the national law of each association.

This Charter may be amended or supplemented by the AISBL BUCEPHALOS which brings together BUCEPHALOS associations who automatically become members of the AISBL at their inception.

The purpose of each association shall be as follows:

1 Promote the interests of its members from the Greek diaspora living on their territory and exercising an executive function in the economic, socio-political, including the following:

a) establish and maintain close contacts between the Greeks of the diaspora, meeting the criteria for admission and the economic and political power;

b) protect, promote and defend the rights and interests of members, especially on the political, administrative, economic, fiscal, social and cultural rights;

c) contribute, in collaboration with other BUCEPHALOS associations established abroad, the development of the association and its members, exchanges of socio-economic, educational and personal experiences;

e) contribute to and promote business relationships between members and other and other members of BUCEPHALOS associations as well as any third party;

2 Collaborate with other similar organizations or associations, or foreign nationals to the achievement of its objectives.

In this article, the term “diaspora Greek” contains people of Greek nationality or other nationalities but of Greek origin to the third degree.

The association may use any means which directly or indirectly contribute to the achievement of the subject. It may in particular, acquire, rent or lease any property or real rights, hire staff, enter into contracts, to raise funds in short exercise or perform all activities which justify its purpose. As part of the fulfillment of its purpose, the association may even ask for commercial acts.


Each new branch association or already existing association should be carrying the nameBUCEPHALOS and make use of the common logo of the association as applied to the first page of the charter. The logo may be amended by the authorities of the AISBL who owns both the name of the logo.


Each association may determine several types of members (staff, members, etc. ..) that meet the eligibility criteria set out in this Charter and who may be admitted as a member on the basis of the procedure laid down by the committee of each association, but must they obtain the agreement ofat least ¾ of the members.

Each association may also limit the representation of a professional category amongst the candidate members or to submit the increase of this professional category on advice of the members which are part of this professional category by granting them a veto right, or not.

Each association will create a special category of members (or other honorary members)consisting in a limited number of people that do not meet the criteria of origin, but by their action, situation or personality, and who can make a significant contribution to the development of the association.


The association must have at least a general meeting and a committee.

The committee is composed of at least three persons, including a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer from any member of the association. Committee members are elected by secret ballot by the members or class of members. Members of other categories can be co-opted into the committee.


Each association should have a website developed on a common defined AISBL platform, having a first page defining the common goals of the association in one of the three languages ​used by association, namely, Greek, English and French. Under the tab for their national flag, each association will be free to design their custom site which will at least include an intranet with the complete list of individual members, along with their curriculum vitae.

At least once a year, the full list of members and their CV will be forwarded to the AISBL to enable it to organize its business for the benefit of all members.

Each association undertakes to organize, according to an agenda, to define and participate in the general meeting of the International association of members of all the different BUCEPHALOSassociations.